CBD oil for Athletes, Cyclists & Runners

In this article, we will discuss CBD oil and how it can help athletes. One of the biggest benefits that people get from CBD oil is the anti-inflammatory properties it provides. 

That’s why so many athletes-especially runners, cyclists and Cross-Fitters, are turning to CBD oil for its anti-inflammatory benefits. There’s also the pain relieving benefits. It can help you recover faster and sleep better. Now let’s talk about the recovery thing first. 

Workout recovery is one of the biggest reasons I think athletes are coming to CBD oil. They want to recover faster, they want to get back to doing the things they love. So when you think of recovery, we must first think about the baseline. 

When you’re fully recovered, you’re back to baseline. You’re firing on all cylinders, you can get a good workout in, and put in your best effort. When you’re not fully recovered, you’re not back to baseline. 

So let’s say you worked out yesterday, you had a rough night of sleep last night, you go out for a workout today, and it’s just a crappy workout. So you didn’t get fully recovered. 

You didn’t get back to baseline. However, CBD oil really helps our bodies achieve homeostasis. This helps to speed up that recovery process so you can get the best workout possible at all times. 

Another thing that makes CBD so beneficial for athletes is it’s good for the aging athletes and for people who are doing high volume workouts. 

If you’re a runner who’s getting in 50 to 100 miles a week, CBD oil needs to be in your tool kit because it’s really gonna help you recover so you can rack up those miles. 

Personally, I’m starting to become an aging athlete. I’m 40 years old now. I don’t recover as fast as I used to. But CBD oil does help. 

If you think about it, how many times have you gone out on a four or five hour run, and you’re just wiped out the rest of the day. You’re on the couch, you’re in bed sleeping. 

That’s not good, especially if you have a family. Because after you come back from that long run, you need to be present for your family.

CBD oil is helping athletes recover faster and feel better after these long workouts. Another great thing about CBD for athletes, is it can really help with chronic injuries

So some of the research I’ve been doing recently has shown that more athletes with chronic injuries are getting benefits from CBD. I have personally struggled with Achilles Tendonitis. 

I’ve seen about a 50-70% improvement in this stubborn ankle injury that I’ve had for years. And I’ve never had that before, no matter how much physical therapy I did, no matter how much of a break I’ve taken from running. 

But it wasn’t until I started taking CBD oil that I started getting some relief. I still have the injury, because honestly I think it’s a tear or something like that, but I don’t want to have surgery. 

Because of CBD oil, I don’t think I’m ever gonna have to have surgery because I’ve seen improvement. For example, I used to wake up every morning limping, literally every step was extremely painful. 

Now when I get out of bed, there’s a little tension but I can walk normally, I’m not limping. 

The same is true after I finish a long run. Normally, after I drive back home and I get out of the car, I’m limping back into the house.

But that’s no longer the case with CBD oil. I’m recovering so much faster and my ankle and foot is so much stronger because I’ve been able to put in the physical therapy and exercise work because of CBD.

So if you have a chronic injury, one of the things that CBD is gonna help with is cut down on the pain, cut down on inflammation, and allow you to get back and do the things you love.

Essentially, CBD oil is helping some people fully recover from their chronic injuries.  It is also helping other people that have these stubborn nagging aches that just never go away. It’s helping them get out there and continue doing the things they love. 

The next thing I want to talk about is better sleep. This goes back to recovery. 

One of the biggest benefits of CBD oil, is that you get better, more restful sleep

So if you’re sleeping better, you’re gonna wake up fully recovered and able to have an awesome workout. Therefore, the more good sleep you have, the more good workouts you can have. 

To recap, CBD is beneficial for athletes in the following ways. It’s anti-inflammatory, it helps cut down on pain, it helps you recover faster, and it helps you sleep better. 

So if you’re looking to give CBD oil a shot, we recommend our transdermal cream. This is a super powerful product for athletes, especially the ones with chronic injury. 

This cream is applied locally, and it’s transdermal, so it’s gonna get through all seven layers of the skin, and really get down in there and into the affected area.

This is really good if you have chronic pain, like tennis elbow, or arthritis. The other product we recommend is the standard tincture oil, which is also USDA organic. 

Start out with the tincture oil and see how that affects you, then start moving into the other products, like the transdermal cream, and even the CBD oil gummies.

It’s just a matter of experimentation to figure out what works best for you. Again, remember that for athletes, CBD can help with inflammation, pain, recovery, and sleep.