Canine Arthritis–How CBD can provide relief to your aging Dog

Giving your dog CBD with a dropper is a quick and efficient way to administer the benefits of this oil.

Canine arthritis is one of the most common conditions in middle to older aged dogs.

The good news is that there are multiple treatment options for canine arthritis, CBD being one of them.

Before we get into the details on how you can use CBD to help your dog with arthritis, let’s first briefly explain what arthritis is. 

Arthritis Explained

In the simplest terms, arthritis is a painful inflammation and stiffening of the joints. Attached to the end of each bone inner joint we will find a layer of cartilage.

This cartilage protects the bone and with the help of the surrounding synovial fluid provides a thin cushion between the bones during movement.

As your dog ages, this layer will begin to thin and deteriorate. During the thinning process, cartilage cells die and enzymes are relased that cause painful inflammation.

Over time, the cartilage becomes too thin allowing the bones to come into direct contact with another. 

As a result of this friction, new bone growth will occur making the bone surfaces rougher and eventually lead to more damage. 

Arthritis is a permanent disease that will effect most dogs. This condition is progressive, irreversible and increasing in pain over time.

Using CBD To Treat Canine Arthritis

CBD is a non psychoactive cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant that can play an important role in treating arthritis.

It is shown to carry therapeutic properties that assist in improving the condition of the dog while protecting the joints at the same time.

Many veterinarians and dog owners are using CBD oil as an effective holistic option.

Did you know that CBD oil is also natural pain reliever? Cannabinoids help in controlling pain by inhibiting the transmission of pain signals from the brain. Aside from reducing pain, CBD oil also helps in suppressing chronic inflammation. 

Unlike prescription drugs, CBD oil hasn’t had any reports of dangerous side effects. It doesn’t damage the liver, kidney or gastrointestinal tract. It will also not get your dog high or sedate them. 

An added benefit of using CBD is you can use it with traditional treatments and medications. Some studies show that they are synergistic benefits between traditional medications and the use of CBD.

Administering the CBD is easy. You can put a few drops of the oil into your dog’s mouth directly mix it with food, or by treats that already contain a therapeutic level of CBD. 

Studies have shown that using CBD oil for canine arthritis has improved pet’s comfort level even while suffering from this degernative disease.

Most dogs owners that use CBD to treat canine arthritis report that there dogs starts to become more physically active after several days of using the CBD oil. 

With the widespread sharing of these results its no wonder why using CBD to treat canine arthritis is now becoming a popular choice.