CBD vs. Melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone that our body naturally produces at night. When bedtime gets closer, your melatonin levels should start going up and remain at those levels all night. In the morning, your melatonin levels will then start decreasing and your cortisol levels will start increasing. I know a lot of people say that cortisol is a stress hormone, but in reality it can also be considered your energy hormone. Cortisol is what keeps you awake, alert, and active throughout the day. 

So what is CBD? CBD is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in either the marijuana or hemp plant. CBD is non-psychoactive so it won’t get you high regardless of how much you consume. Many people use CBD for stress relief, pain management, and to combat anxiety. 

When CBD is absorbed into our body, it attaches to receptors in our endocannabinoid system which initiates balance to our immune, nervous, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems. When all of our internal systems are in balance, this is called homeostasis. Maintaining homeostasis is crucial for overall health and CBD plays a major role in helping to optimize and regulate this important component. 

So now let’s go over the three reasons why I think CBD oil is better than melatonin for your sleep.

CBD vs Melatonin: Which is better for sleep?

1. CBD is non addictive and non-habit-forming

Although melatonin is said to be non-addictive, if you’ve ever taken melatonin for a long time, you know that you cannot sleep without melatonin. That’s why on the bottle you will always see “do not take longer than 60 days,” because your body will get addicted to that quick sleep fix. CBD oil is non-addictive and non-habit-forming. If you take CBD oil for a couple of months and then you stop taking it, your body will naturally fall asleep anyways. Your body doesn’t need extra CBD oil to fall asleep. You can safely take CBD oil for a long period of time while with melatonin that is not the case. 

2. CBD brings your body into balance 

While CBD brings your body into balance, using melatonin can actually bring your body out of balance. That’s why in the morning if you take CBD it gives you energy, but if you take it at night it helps you sleep. The reason is that CBD helps keep hormones doing whatever they are naturally designed to do. On the other hand, melatonin is just one hormone that you take to perform one specific function. So if your body doesn’t want to fall asleep, forcing your body to take melatonin for a long period of time can cause certain imbalances.

3. CBD addresses the root cause 

The reason CBD is better for sleep is that it targets the root cause of the problem instead of masking it. Let me give you an example compared to coffee. If you’re always super tired in the morning and keep drinking coffee throughout the day, that means that there is some sort of root cause for why you are so tired. Coffee is simply masking the real issue by giving you a quick jolt of energy, only to come crashing down hours later. The cycle continues every morning while no attention is being focused on the reason why you have no energy. CBD vs melatonin is the same idea. CBD targets the root cause of the problem, while melatonin is only addressing the symptom in the form of a quick fix.