FDA approved CBD drug Epidiolex has sparked further CBD research

There was an increased interest in 2018 when the FDA approved Epidiolex which is a pure form of CBD oil used to treat juvenile seizures or pediatric seizure disorders.

The FDA found that this CBD oil in its most purified form could actually reduce the amount of seizures these kids were having. 

After a rigorous trial and rigorous safety studies it was actually approved and now the public interest has peaked to where they’re saying hey we should look at this and see what benefits are possible. 

The current body of medical literature surrounding CBD oil is a bit sparse but there’s more and more great information coming out.  

Right now there is a lot of animal studies looking at CBD oil and pain, in mood and addiction– and I think a lot of stuff is going to be coming out of the next few years but right now a lot of it is anecdotal.

Thousands of people from all over the world are like “hey I took this and I think it helped with my anxiety” or “I took this and I think it helped my back pain” or some smaller scale study.

The Arthritis Foundation has endorsed the use of CBD oil and released results from a survey asking 2,600 arthritis patients about CBD oil who have had arthritis for 10 years or more. Click here to see the results of the survey. 

In medicine there’s a range of how powerful studies are–that can be from just a case study like this one person took it and felt better, to a small sample size study of giving CBD to ten people and a lot of them felt better.  

At the other end of the spectrum, you have the more vigorous randomized controlled trials where you say let’s take CBD oil and compare it to another treatment for pain or mood or depression and let’s see if it’s better or equal to that treatment.

So a lot of those randomized controlled trials we’re still waiting to come out but we’re seeing a lot of small size studies of people enrolled in trials of CBD oil where there’s some really interesting outcomes.

I think another question you should be asking is CBD oil safe.  The biggest safety study was done with the FDA approved CBD oil called Epidiolex.  

Other forms of CBD oil have had some smaller scale safety studies and no major adverse outcomes have really come out of those.

However, a few things they have noted is that CBD may interfere with some of your laboratory tests including your liver function panels.

It can also interfere possibly with blood thinners like coumadin or with anti-seizure medicines it can affect the levels of those in your bloodstream.

Before starting any CBD oil treatment, always consult with your primary care physician as CBD may interact with existing medications you may be taking.