Is there any difference between Hemp CBD vs. Marijuana CBD?

You can extract CBD oil from both Hemp and Marijuana

Today we will be discussing the simple differences and similarities between Hemp derived CBD oil and Marijuana derived CBD oil.

On a fundamental molecular level, they are the same thing. CBD the chemical compound, whether its in hemp or marijuana is going to be exactly the same.

If you broke it down to its simplest form, and just look at that CBD, there is absolutely no difference between hemp CBD and marijuana CBD.

However, there are some very important distinctions to make. The first is that hemp CBD products are going to be very different than marijuana CBD products even though the CBD molecule in each is going to be the same.

The extract from hemp and the extract from marijuana they both contain other compounds or cannibdinoids that are different from one another. For example in hemp CBD extracts, the THC content is going to be .3% or lower. 

On the other hand, marijuana derived CBD products can have higher amounts of THC. So these other compounds that interact with CBD that are also part of these extracts contribute to what is known as the entourage effect. 

The Entourage Effect

The Entourage Effect basically says that there are synergistic reactions between CBD and these other compounds so its almost more effective when they are all together. 

Because of that, when you have CBD in a marijuana derived extract, there is a high likelihood that the other entourage of compounds are going to have THC and other things that may be different from the hemp side. In comparison, the CBD entourage of compounds is going to have very little THC if any at all.

That will bring us to the second major distinction. And that’s just the legal perspective. When it comes to the hemp derived industry—on that side of the cannabis spectrum CBD companies can operate like a normal supplement business. 

For example all the CBD extract products we feature on this site are all derived from hemp and those companies can ship to all U.S. states thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill which made hemp cultivation legal.

If you have CBD products derived from marijuana, anything with .3% THC and above, that would be a completely different legal category. Those products can’t legally be shipped over state lines, and they have to be in dispensaries that follow strict rules. Marijuana derived CBD products are treated completely different than the hemp side of the industry from a legal standpoint.

To sum it up, CBD as a molecule/compound is going to be the same whether it comes from the Hemp or Marijuana plant. What is different about the two versions is that each plant contains a mix of different molecules that work together harmoniously to produce the desired health benefits.