How CBD oil can help bodybuilders

I’m gonna go over three ways that you can use CBD oil as a sports supplement to help in your bodybuilding training regimen. Many athletes are turning to CBD to aid with muscle recovery training and a fitness sports supplement regimen in general. My problem with this is that you see a lot of people touting some benefits that may or may not be true or they may be a little confusing. For now, we’re gonna get into the bodybuilding aspects of CBD.

Benefit #1

The first benefit is going to be anti-catabolic properties. To understand this better you should understand what cortisol is and how the levels affect your body. Cortisol is a hormone that reduces protein synthesis and actively prevents tissue growth so basically prevents your body from growing muscle tissue. Excessive cortisol levels are usually the culprit when those who workout diligently fail to achieve the muscle-building results expected from the rigorous fitness routine.

Cortisol levels are normally higher in the morning and they taper off towards the night time.  This explains why you actually recover better when you’re sleeping at night when cortisol levels are balanced. They can actually be beneficial to your body so taking both post and pre-workout CBD supplements can help maintain your cortisol levels when you’re doing a high-stress activity such as physical training.

Benefit #2

The next bodybuilding CBD benefit is going to be the fight-or-flight stress response. This response is the physiological reaction that occurs in the presence of something that is a threat or a challenge either physically or mentally. So I know what you’re thinking–a threat in the gym. How do I face threats when I’m in the gym?

The reality is your body doesn’t know the difference between someone approaching you to fight or where you’re looking at heavy weights on a barbell or you’re about to hit a PR on the bench or you’re going to put yourself through painful yoga.

Your body physiologically reacts the same way as if you were going to put yourself through a stressful workout versus if you were about to get into a fight. So physiologically, you’re gonna have a similar reaction. 

In both examples, your body is going to have an increased heart rate, increased anxiety, higher blood pressure, and muscle tension.  It’s the sort of that feeling you get when you’re about to go lift something heavy. So how does CBD combat this stress response? 

CBD helps activate receptors in your central nervous system that deals with the response to stress. With these receptors open, your mind/muscle connection increases tenfold.

Imagine when you’re going to do a squat and you’re going halfway down and you’re stuck. You don’t know if it’s a pain. If it’s muscle tightness, you don’t know what it is but you stop you take a deep breath.  You sort of reset yourself and then you could push all the way through and you continue with the reps. 

That’s a perfect example to explain how CBD reacts towards your central nervous system.  It essentially relieves the tension and the anxiety that you get when you’re going through heavy or difficult movements. 

Benefit #3

The third benefit is going to be how CBD can improve your quality of sleep. But does sleep have to do with what you’re doing in the gym?  When you get enough quality sleep, it gives your body time to recover, repair, and build muscle. 

When you get quality sleep your body actually produces something called growth hormones. During our childhood, growth hormone actually helps us grow hence its name. As adults, growth hormone helps you build lean muscle and repair torn muscle that you break up when you train.

The growth hormone is essential for good athletic recovery. Most people think that you grow muscle while you’re in the gym but actually, that’s not the case. You grow muscle while you’re resting and while you’re sleeping at night.  So where does CBD play its role in your muscle recovery?  

CBD helps you sleep because it can alleviate the symptoms that complicate sleep namely anxiety, stress, and pain. CBD relaxes your central nervous system giving your body a calming effect and can even help you with lower back pains and arthritis.

Using CBD may be helpful for improving sleep even if you don’t suffer from anxiety because CBD has been found to interact with the receptors in your body that actually regulate your sleep and wake cycles.  This prevents your muscles from breaking down which improves your training by increasing your mind muscle connection and helping you sleep better. 


That’s how bodybuilders can benefit from using CBD as a supplement. Keep in mind this is to supplement everything else that you’re doing to promote a healthy lifestyle. Using CBD isn’t going to be a magic success pill. What CBD will do is help complement your existing lifestyle regimen and help your body achieve a state of balance or homeostasis which is the foundation of wellness. CBD’s positive effect on sleep, anxiety, and cortisol levels can help play an integral role in your bodybuilding journey.