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Today we’re going to be talking about Lazarus Naturals’ full spectrum high potency CBD oil. If you are already familiar with this company’s line of products, then take advantage of our exclusive 10% OFF Lazarus Naturals coupon code that we are offering to all of our readers. If you aren’t familiar with this CBD company then please continue reading for more detailed insight into why this CBD ranks as one of the best and most trusted brands. 

Lazarus Naturals 10% OFF
Lazarus Naturals
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Lazarus Naturals is one of the best selling CBD oils on our website and let’s get into exactly why. Lazarus Naturals is a company based out of Oregon which grows and processes their very own hemp which is then used in their CBD oils.  Their high potency blend delivers 50 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD per serving and that’s plenty in terms of strength and concentration. 

We usually tell people to start not at the full dropper because you may not need it. Lazarus Naturals CBD oil is a great choice for those who are looking for the most cost-effective CBD products while remaining one of the most potent. This Lazarus Naturals CBD oil comes in a naturally flavored option where you get a more botanical earthy flavor and texture. Lazarus Naturals also offers their chocolate mint flavor which definitely helps to mask and cut the taste of the natural CBD oil. It isn’t super sweet as it is a naturally derived flavoring which is the best for your health, but it definitely helps mask this flavor.

Lazarus Naturals does carry a variety of different flavor options and our coupon code will work on all CBD products in the store. Naturally, the CBD oil has a botanical and earthy taste due to the ethanol extraction which leaves a very raw profile of terpenes and compounds. This is great because the more raw you can be in terms of the CBD oil, the better.  We want to be as close to the natural plant makeup that we can and this product delivers 100% in this area. 

The ingredients in the Lazarus Naturals CBD oil include organic MCT coconut oil, full-spectrum hemp extract, and naturally derived flavors. If it is a flavored option, there are minimal ingredients used which is exactly how we like it. The MCT oil is great for digestive health and also helps the CBD absorb better in your body. A few other facts about this CBD oil are that it’s pesticide-free, vegan safe, and non-GMO so you can ensure you’re getting some healthy CBD oil when you take this blend.

Lazarus Naturals maintains excellent certified manufacturing processes meaning they are using some of the safest practices formed by FDA guidelines to produce pharmaceutical products as well as CBD oil. Lazarus Naturals’ entire line of products is fully third-party lab tested for both Cannabinoid content as well as heavy metals pesticides and microbial so you know you’re getting the purest and safest CBD out there. Lazarus Naturals is one of the best selling CBD oils and for good reason as they deliver powerful full-spectrum relief at a very hard to beat the price.