What to consider before trying CBD

What dose should I take? 

This is probably one of the most common questions we get and the truth is it’s a great one. It’s important to know, but anybody that tells you exactly what dose to take is going to be leading you astray. The right dose of CBD is different for everybody.  Instead, I’m going to discuss four important considerations to help you figure out what dose is perfect for you.

1. What are you trying to achieve

The first big consideration is what are you trying to achieve? People take CBD for a lot of different reasons.  For example, if you want to relieve some stress and anxiety you’re gonna need a very different dose than somebody who’s trying to address a chronic pain condition. Having a clearly defined goal or reason for using CBD is a very important first step.

2. What is your starting point or baseline

The second big consideration is what’s your starting point? CBD has a very complex web of interactions and we all have very different internal chemistry. A healthy individual that’s exercising all the time and is super hydrated might respond differently to someone else who has a nervous system condition or is very unhealthy.

There are many complex mechanisms at work and we all have a unique metabolism so it’s important to have a detailed understanding of our own starting point.  It is always recommended to have a discussion with your doctor before introducing CBD into your daily health regimen.  

3. Know your product 

The third big consideration is what type of products are you using. That directly leads to something called bioavailability. Bioavailability is how much of any compound that you’re introducing to the body that you actually end up fully absorbing. The bioavailability of CBD oil varies greatly depending on how you are taking it. For example, if you just swallow an oil-based tincture you might only be getting 10 to 20% of the dose. 

But if you smoke CBD flower then you might be getting 60% to 70% absorption.  If you use a water-soluble CBD made for mixing into drinks, you’re getting 90% absorption.  That’s gonna play a huge factor in what dose you’re actually absorbing versus how much you’re taking. You might think you’re taking a 20-milligram dose but maybe you’re only absorbing 10 milligrams. It’s hard to say without knowing exactly what product you’re choosing to use.

4. What type of extract are you using

The final consideration for figuring out what dose of CBD is right for you is to know the type of extract that you’re using. Here’s why: full and broad-spectrum extracts have something going on called the entourage effect. The entourage effect says that CBD and the other cannabinoids mixed with terpenes and the huge array of compounds have a greater effect than an isolate which is just CBD stripped out away from everything else. 

There have been scientific studies that have shown isolates to be less effective over time than full or broad-spectrum extracts with the entourage effect. So if you want the most bang for your buck and the most quality extract almost every time it’s better to choose a full or broad-spectrum product. 


Those are the four big considerations to keep in mind when figuring out what the right dose is for you.  As the saying goes,  it’s always good practice to start low and go slow.  Build it up to figure out what works for you. One thing’s for sure though you don’t have to worry about a bunch of negative side effects.  Some people take 5 milligrams a day and that’s plenty while other people might be taking hundreds of milligrams of CBD everyday for a more serious condition. Just listen to your body to figure out what works best for you and  I’m sure you’ll have a great experience.