What type of CBD product is right for you?

Today we’re gonna talk about how to find the CBD product that’s right for you. So I know if you’re new to CBD it’s probably super overwhelming with all the different options out there. 

Let’s go through the main options and then I will tell you how to best go about finding a product that’s going to be right for you. The most popular one is tincture oil.  These are the simple oils that use a dropper.  

You just pull the CBD up into the dropper and simply drop it under your tongue.  It is important to hold it under the tongue for about 30 to 60 seconds and let it sit there until it kind of dissolves and then swallow whatever is left over.  

Another format that’s starting to become popular to the CBD industry is water soluble products. The nice thing about water soluble products is that they’re super easy to take. You just use the dropper and measure out the dose you need and you put it into a beverage like water, coffee, or even a smoothie. 

Other products which are also very popular include CBD capsules or gummies.  The capsules and gummies usually come in a 10mg dose, although you can find them in a variety of doses anywhere from 10-40 mg doses. 

The other type of product to mention is transdermal creams. The creams are super effective for things like achy joints, arthritis, or tennis elbow.

So now we’re gonna talk about how to know which one of these products is right for you. I don’t recommend starting out with capsules or gummies because they usually come in higher doses.

When you first start taking CBD, you don’t want to start with a high dose.  It is best to use either the tincture oil or you can even use the water-soluble oil.  

The reason for that is you can measure out your specific dose of the CBD.  When you’re first starting out, it is best to start low and build up slowly so you want to start out with about a five to ten milligram dose and build that up every five to seven days.

Every five to seven days bump it up another five to ten milligrams until you start feeling the results you’re looking for.  So let’s say you struggle with my anxiety or depression. 

Just continue to increase that dose until you feel the results and once you get to that dose, stay there unless you start noticing some changes.

At that point, then you might either need to lower it if you’re seeing adverse effects or if you’re not seeing good results then maybe try increasing your dose. 

You might even try breaking up that dose into two doses a day versus one dose a day because the half-life of CBD is about 24 hours.  Once you take that dose the amount of CBD in your system is gradually decreasing over a 24-hour period. 

Let’s say you take your dose in the morning, by the end of the day you’re starting to feel cranky. Chances are you may just need another dose of CBD.  

CBD is great for sleep as well so I generally recommend starting to take your first dose at night and if you struggle with something like anxiety or depression, introduce a dose during the day. 

Once you dial in the dose that works for you, just need to stick with that because there’s no reason to take more CBD than you need. 

For example let’s say you’re an athlete or you have some sort of chronic injury that flares up on occasion.  For situations like that, you might want to take a higher dose. This helps with the pain and inflammation that’s occurring. In general you want to stay at a steady dose.

What works for you might not work for me and what works for your best friend might not work for the next person. That’s why I recommend starting out with that tincture oil or even the water-soluble is a great product to start out with. 

Let’s say the issue you struggle with is something like arthritis or you’re an athlete and you have sore muscles or achy knees. Then you might just want to go with something like the transdermal cream which is really great for localized pain.

In my situation, I have chronic back pain issues and I also have some chronic achilles tendonitis so I take both the transdermal cream and the oil. 

You might not notice the results for 2 to 6 weeks so it’s important to be patient and slowly work up your dose and be willing to make the investment to see what dosage works for you.