Why you should never buy CBD from Amazon

Today we will be addressing the concept of buying CBD oil on Amazon and why it’s NOT a good idea. First and foremost, it’s against Amazon’s policy. Amazon doesn’t allow CBD oil products to be sold on their website. 

If you go to the Amazon Seller Support page you will see specifically in writing they do not allow the sale of CBD oil products. Yet sometimes sellers sneak through the cracks and that’s the reason you may see several products on Amazon being advertised as CBD oil, even though it may not actually be legitimate. 

How fake CBD appears on Amazon

These unscrupulous sellers are using key phrases like “CBD oil” to get their product to show up on Amazon and what they’re actually offering you is nothing more than hemp seed oil which is very misleading.

By reading the product descriptions, you will notice that it’s only extracted from the seeds of the plant, not the actual flower, which is where the cannabinoids in the CBD come from. What this means is that most of the “CBD products” you see on Amazon, are not CBD at all. 

On occasion, you might see sellers slip through the Amazon gatekeepers because they’re using terminology like “hemp extract.” They’re just using those phrases to get their product listed. A lot of the time what you will see is those products are being sold by third parties so they’re not even being sold by the CBD manufacturer themselves. 

In situations like this, you cannot guarantee the integrity of the product. You don’t know for sure if what you’re getting is the actual product. I have seen other brands having their products mimic basically the packaging design and things like that. 

And so there are fake products being sold on Amazon masquerading as real CBD oil, when most of the time, it’s not. So you really have to watch out when buying from these third-party sellers. But most importantly, you have to watch out for the CBD oils you see on Amazon because almost always it’s not real CBD but instead something called hemp seed oil. 

Hemp oil is different from CBD oil 

So let’s talk about the difference between CBD oil and Hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is only oil from the hemp seeds. They are devoid of all the therapeutic and medicinal benefits you get from CBD. When you have hemp extract, also known as CBD, you get the whole array of cannabinoids found in the plant including CBD, which is where you get all the medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

So if you’re shopping on Amazon for CBD, first and foremost just don’t do it. But if you do buy something on Amazon, make sure you do your due diligence and make sure you’re getting an actual CBD product. 

Three tips to ensure you’re getting real CBD

But to be safe the best thing you can do is go buy directly from one of the authorized CBD manufacturers listed here.  And when you’re shopping for CBD oil there’s a few things you need to look out for. 

First and foremost, you need to make sure you’re buying a full spectrum CBD product, which   contains trace amounts of THC and a whole array of cannabinoids. You’re gonna get more medicinal and therapeutic benefits from a full spectrum CBD versus a CBD isolate. 

The second thing, make sure you’re buying from a supplier that uses organic hemp grown in the United States. Don’t buy anything unless you know for sure that the plant is organic. It doesn’t necessarily have to have the USDA Organic Certification but make sure that it is organically grown. 

The third thing you wanna look for is third party lab tests. So make sure that the supplier you’re buying from is providing you with these lab results that show the actual cannabinoid content in the product. 

And if they don’t provide this, run away because they’re trying to hide something. In some cases, the CBD brand may not publish it directly on their website but if you email them and reach out to them they will provide it, but if they don’t be very wary. 

And a lot of the time these third-party lab results will also show other things such as they’ll show pesticide if they have pesticides in them or not, heavy metals, and things like that. 


So those are all things you need to look out for when you’re buying a CBD product. Make sure it’s full-spectrum, make sure it comes from organic hemp grown in the United States, and also make sure that they provide third-party lab results because that’s how you can verify the integrity of the product.